Services Offered

Note- Due to COVID, services are done via telehealth until otherwise specified.


Stacie Ellis offers a variety of services with specialties in medical nutrition therapy, weight management, sports nutrition, eating disorders, dancer nutrition,  skin nutrition,  and much more.  Stacie is qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy in the states of Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Jersey.  Stacie is qualified to provide basic nutrition and weight management advice to all individuals regardless of location.  Due to COVID all patients will be seen via web conference or over the phone until other wise specified.  She is currently available Monday through Sundays via telehealth. Schedule your appointment now!

        Nutritional Consultations 

Stacie provides several nutrition consultation packages to help individuals meet their full potential.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, manage a health condition, or simply improve your health, Stacie has a consultation package that is right for you.  To find out more information regarding nutrition consultations please click here.


*Do you have a simple nutrition question but you don't need a nutrition consultation, check out the "Ask a Dietitian" under "Other Services".

Speaking Engagements

(currently available only via Web)

Are you in need of a nutrition professional to speak to your group? Stacie Ellis loves speaking and educating individuals on health and nutrition.  Stacie has done numerous speaking engagements and classes for a number of audiences.  From teaching basic nutritional skills to young children,  sports nutritional skills to your sports team,  or even Lunch and Learns to your company,  Stacie is able to customize speaking engagements to your clientele.  Please book at least 2 weeks in advance. For more information please click here.

     Pricing- varies   

Cooking Demo/ Cooking Class 

(currently available only via Web )

Do you want to learn how to cook healthy?  Would you like a nutritional expert to come teach your group how to cook healthy meals? Book Stacie for a great class/demo that everyone will enjoy.   Please book at least 2 weeks in advance. For more information please click here.

     Pricing- Starting at $200, food included.


Other Services


Ask a Dietitian - $25 per question.  

Do you have a quick nutrition question that you want to ask a dietitian, but you don't need a full nutrition assessment or consultation.  Check out the "Ask a Dietitian" option.   Questions that are not permitted for this services are questions that require assessment questions such as calculating calorie or macro needs, individual advice for weight loss or weight management, or individual advice for management of a current disease state.  All such questions require an actual consultation.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this please contact me at  

Custom Meal Plans- $50 per week,  $75 with individualized nutrition analysis

If you are wanting a custom meal plan to help you start your journey, Stacie can provide you with a personal meal plan to meet your needs.  All meal plans will be based off of your nutrition goals, your current food preferences, and your current lifestyle.  All individuals wanting a custom meal plan will be asked to submit a 3 day food diary, provide a list of common foods you currently eat, and will be asked information regarding their current lifestyle.  Individuals may want to assure their meal plans cater to their needs, such as for muscle building or weight loss. To get the most comprehensive meal plan would include a nutrition analysis based on the individuals biometrics and nutrition goals.  


Recipe Analysis and Modification- $15-50

Transform your favorite recipes into healthy alternatives.  You have the choice on what modifications you are looking for.

   Modifications include:

   -Cutting back on sugars, fat, sodium, and processed


   -Ways to add more nutrients including protein, vitamins,

    minerals, and fiber.

Pricing depends on the complexity of the recipe and added modifications wanted.  Email Stacie at for price quote.


Nutritional Analysis- $15

Do you eat certain foods each day?  Do you want to know if you have enough nutrients in your diet and if you are meeting your daily requirements? The menu analysis is your answer at determining if you are eating just right.   Nutrient analysis includes an analysis of 3 days (preferably 2 weekdays and 1 day on the weekend).  Additional days $5/day


Pantry Makeover- $200

Need extra help with deciding what foods to keep and what to get rid of in order to jump start your nutrition adventure to a healthier life?  I can help you get rid of the food items that will keep you from reaching your goal.  2 hour time limit.  If you need longer, you may purchase additional hours for $150 per hour.


Grocery Store Tour- $100

Schedule a tour of a grocery store for yourself or for your group (8 people max per tour).  This tour is designed to help you spot the healthy food items.  Learn tips on  healthy grocery store shopping to meet your nutritional goals.  1 hour limit.


Total Grocery Makeover – $500

Pantry Makeover with Grocery shopping (fee does not include grocery costs).

Need extra help with deciding what foods to keep and what to get rid of in order to jump start your nutrition adventure to a healthier life? I can help you get rid of the food items that will keep you from reaching your goal.  I will help you plan your grocery trip and  then we will go shopping  for healthy finds.  While we are there I will give you a grocery tour to help you with future trips to the store.  Upon returning we will organize the food in a systematic way to help you reach your nutritional goals and according to food safety guidelines.  5 hour limit, additional time $150/hour.

Contract work– Stacie enjoys partnering with companies for contract work.  Companies interested in partnering with Stacie please contact her via email at