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Athlete/ Team Nutrition Support


Services offered

Do you have a team or a specific athlete that needs nutrition education or support?  Excellis Nutrition has a variety of services to help meet your needs.  Contact for more information.

One-on-One Nutrition Consultations

Do you have an athlete you are concerned is not getting enough nutrients or are showing signs of eating disorder and you want to address it? Or maybe you are wanting your whole team to reach their performance potential, and know that nutrition consultations can help them reach that potential,  Consultations can be done online via Telehealth or at your own  facility during a time you specified. It is just recommended that consultations are done in a private space to abide by both HIPPA and FERPA regulations, such as an office or conference room.  

 It is recommended that if you are wanting to provide consultations for a large portion of your team that you do it during off-season, as this is the best time to make nutrition changes as a team.  Individual consultations can be made at any time that is needed. 

Consultation sessions can be designed based on your needs.  If you do not have a lot of time, consultations can be as short as 15-30 minutes.  But if you are wanting a more in-depth consultations, a full assessment and consultation typically lasts about 1 hour.  Parents are encouraged to attend for young athletes (elementary and middle school).  Teenagers (high school and early college) may have their parents present as well, but it is not required, however guardian approval will still be required for consultations for any minor under the age of 18.

Nutrition Education Classes
Nutrition classes can be offered in either a lecture or interactive class format for coaches, students, and/or parents.  The class will cover nutrition topics that are geared to athletes' nutrition needs.  Some example of topics include eating for performance, protein needs and tips for consuming enough, hydration needs and strategies,  practical ways of staying fueled up for the busy athlete, and nutrition and health concerns to be aware of in your athletes.  There are many topics to cover, just let Dr. Ellis know if you have a particular subject you would like for her to address. Class series can also be offered if needed.
Cooking Classes
One of the biggest drawbacks for athletes eating a nutritious diet for performance is knowing how to prepare the meals.  Dr. Ellis provides cooking classes for your athletes.  Dr. Ellis has over 10 years of experience with teaching individuals how to cook delicious and easy nutritious meals.  She brings the equipment, she just requires you to have a space with tables, plugs and room to move around.  Other kitchen supplies are not necessary, but are welcomed (refrigerator, stove, oven).  Clients have the option of purchasing the ingredients for the class, or having Excellis Nutrition bringing the food and it be added to the fees for the service.  It is recommended that the classes stay relatively small (roughly around 12 max per group).  A good approach is to divide the team up to different days for them to participate in the class.  If that is not an option, then for larger groups a cooking demo may be a better option.  
Nutrition Advise for Pre and Post Game Meals
Are you wanting to feed your athletes appropriately before and post game meals.  Excellis Nutrition can work with you with brainstorming ideas for your pre and post game meals and snacks.  
Nutrition Advise for Fuel Station
Do you want to offer healthy nutritious snacks for your athletes?  A fuel station is one of the great ways to do this.  Contact Excellis Nutrition for some great ideas for a practical Fuel Station that will fit your Teams Budget.

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