Are you wanting to reach your health potential.  Working with a dietitian on a regular basis has been shown to help individuals reach their goals more effectively than if they were to do it on their own.  

What to expect?

Your initial consultation will be 1-1 1/2 hour long assessment  that involves looking at your medical history, diet practices, and lifestyle habits. Stacie's extensive approach is to give her a thorough idea of all the elements that can impact your nutrition.  After the assessment she will work with you to formulate goals and the best nutrition care plan that will work for you to meet your goals.

Follow up exams are used to continue your journey to nutrition health.  Each follow up exam is 30-60 min depending on  your current nutrition needs.  There are many layers to nutrition, and it is impossible to cover everything in one  appointment.  It takes time to make new dietary lifestyle habits; therefore it is highly recommended that clients schedule follow up appointments in order to gain the most benefit from their nutritional services.  Dietitians can act as an accountability partner and help guide you on your way.  Research shows that individuals who sees their dietitian at least 1x per month for 6 months are more likely to maintain their dietary changes, than individuals who go fewer times.   

**Do you not need a full nutrition program and just have a simple nutrition question.  If so look at "Ask a Dietitian" under the Services

Nutrition Programs

Basic package- This package is designed for individuals who have only a few non-major nutrition concerns.  It includes:  

-Initial assessment

-Two 30-60 minute follow up exams

Price-$225 one time fee

Accountability Plan-  One of the major problems with overcoming nutrition obstacles is not being held accountable.  The accountability plan is designed for individuals striving to make those nutrition goals stick for the long run over the course of 6 months.   This plan is recommended for individuals who are trying to establish new healthy habits to help them reach their goals. The plan includes:

-Initial assessment

-Two 30-60 minute follow up exams

- Three additional  15 minute follow up phone/web calls to help with accountability

Price $100/ month for 6 months,  or pay one time fee of $510 and save 15%


Reach My Goal Plan - Have you ever done well with a health plan for months, just to fallen off  during the holidays, a move, or some sort of major event.  This is due to lack of accountability.  The Reach My Goal Plan is similar to the Accountability plan, however it is a minimum of 1 year time.  After a year you are welcome to continue on a month to month basis until you reached your goal  and decide to cancel.  This plan includes:

-Initial assessment

-Two 30-60 minute follow up exams

- Monthly 15 minute follow up phone/web calls to help with accountability

Price $75 per month for the first year or pay $810 up front and  save 10%.  Additional follow ups after a year will be $50 per month until you  decide to cancel.  

Full Service Plan- Do you have major nutrition goals?  Are you dealing with an eating disorder?  Are you trying to lose a large amount of weight?  Are you an athlete trying to reach your nutrition potential  for performance or weight class?  Are you trying to mange your chronic disease? Are you   Do you need extra education?  If so I recommend the Full Service plan to help you.  This plan allows for full 30-60 minute consultations at each session to assure you are getting the most out of your sessions.  You will also be allowed access to services such as individualized education, grocery store tours,  custom meal plans, nutrition analysis, and much more!  You are asked to be apart for at least 6 months, after of which you may pay a monthly fee to remain in the program if you choose to. Program includes:

- Initial Consultation

- Monthly 30-60 minute follow ups

- Access to educational materials

-Access to custom meal plans and nutrition analysis

- Access to grocery store tours

Price $150 per month for the first 6 months, or $765 up front to save 15%.  Additional months will be $100 per month until you decide to cancel.  You may also switch to Reach my Goal plan anytime after the first 6 months at a rate of $50 per month.  

Add On

These services can be added to any of the above packages only.

-1 additional 30-60 min follow up $75 per session

- 3 additional 30-60min follow ups $200, save 10%

- Monthly 15 min accountability follow up $50 per month

- Bimonthly 15 minute accountability follow up $80 per month

- Weekly 15 min follow up sessions $105 per month

- Weekly online Food Diary check for accountability $20/ week, $50/month* 

- Weekly email/text check-ins for accountability $40/ month*

- Weekly food diary and email/text check-ins for accountability $75/ month*​

* Services are not dependent upon package length and can be continued on a monthly basis until client decides to cancel.

Before your Consultation

 Currently all payments are done via Stripe and Paypal. Contact Stacie to make a payment


You will be required to email me a copy. Before the start of your initial appointment  you will need to fill out the Health Assessment.  HIPPA information can be found here.   If you have any current labs, medication lists, or medical records that are pertinent to consultation please have them available at the time of the appointment.    


To schedule your appointment please click here.

InsuranceStacie Ellis does not currently accept insurance for her practice; however, she can provide a diagnostic receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  This has brought some confusion due to the fact she is listed on some insurance websites as a provider.  Stacie was previously a provider with partner agencies that she worked with in the past which is why she is listed, but this is separate from her private practice.  Again Stacie's private practice is not listed as accepting insurance at this time.  The reason why Stacie does not accept insurance is due to the fact that many insurance companies have limits on the amount of nutrition care a patient can get.  Being that nutrition and lifestyle changes are not a quick fix that can be achieved in one visit, Stacie strongly believes that allowing such practices will send the wrong messages to clients and will not set them up for success.  If you do have insurance, some insurances do allow for reimbursement, if you are wanting a diagnostic receipt for insurance purposes,  If you are wanting such a receipt it is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider to see what is covered.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email Stacie at


Cancellations must be done within 24 hours to avoid a cancellation fee of $25.  



Refunds are not available for clients after they receive a service.  If a client must leave the appointment early, the client does not qualified for a refund for the unused time.  All initial appointments are about 1 hour in length, and follow-ups are 15min to 1 hour.  Appointments that are shorter do not qualify for a partial refund.