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Stacie's Nutrition Specialties

Stacie's Specialties


Sports and Performance Nutrition-  Whether you are a novice athlete or even professional athlete, Stacie can educate you on the best way to fuel to maintain energy, increase muscle mass, and recover your best. In addition, Stacie is one of the few dietitians that has done extensive research on the differences between male and female athletes.  What works for men doesn't always work for women, and Stacie can provide you with the education concerning eating for your physiology.   Stacie has a minor in Kinesiology in her PhD program and her extensive training and research in sports nutrition, she is able to provide you with the best care to improve your performance. In addition to sports nutrition Stacie is one of the leading experts in Dance Nutrition.  And has done extensive research in the dancer population.  Whether you are professional or novice dancer, appropriate nutrition is important to assure you are the healthiest and perform at your best. Click here to check out my blog on Dancer Nutrition.


Weight Management-  whether your goals are to trim down, bulk up, or maintain your weight, Stacie has helped many individuals achieve their weight goals. Those who are seeking weight loss, statistically 80-95% of individuals who lose weight gain it back.  Stacie works to help individuals be apart of that 5% who keeps the weight off for good.   Stacie's approach is designed to help make lasting changes to prevent weight regain.  She completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program on June 4-6, 2015, and continues to keep herself up to date with the latest research regarding weight management.

Eating Disorders/ Disordered Eating Patterns- Stacie has worked with many individuals with disorder eating patterns in an outpatient setting including individuals with a history of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder,  orthorexia, stress eating, emotional eating, body dysmorphia,  and eating disorders not otherwise specified.  Stacie believes education and retraining the way you think about food is key in recovery from such disorders.  She has helped many individuals come out of their eating disorders and have a healthy relationship with food.

Medical Nutrition Therapy- Stacie has worked with patients with several background conditions including diabetes, cardiac issues, gastrointestinal issues, renal disease, cancer, and post surgeries including bariatric surgeries.  Stacie takes a holistic approach to treating nutrition related conditions.  She believes education and behavioral change is key to helping individuals improve their quality of life.

Skin Nutrition-   The truth is not all skin issues can be cured by nutrition alone, however nutrition plays a huge role in many skin issues.   If you have issues with acne, cystic acne,  immature aging, dry skin, etc, nutrition may be the difference you need to see the results you want.  If you have skin concerns, be sure to ask Stacie if there is anything nutritionally you can do to tackle this problem.


Cultural Sensitive- Stacie loves working with people of varying cultural backgrounds.  She will work with you on your dietary goals while staying sensitive to your cultural food practices.


Stacie is qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy in the states of Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Michigan, and overseas (contact to see if your country applies).

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