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Citrus Fruits


Alec S.

It was great, she had answers to all my questions and had easy ways to explain things to me that I didn’t understand-


Stacie's services are a great resource for helping me realize my relationship with food and how to change preconceived biases so that I have a better perspective so that I can use food to help me rather than use it against me in terms of dieting too hard

Joel P.

10/10 I’ve recommended the service to a few friends

Gordon C.

Stacie got me on track for a healthy life style


As of last year, my A1C levels were regulated


 I feel like my mood is a lot better when I do eat enough homecooked meals

Bobby G.

Stacie worked with me to continue to lose weight to reach my goal, but challenged me to lead a healthier lifestyle as well. Proper diet, exercise, and conscientious living has helped me reach my goal. 50 pounds after my original goal, I cannot thank Stacie enough for her wisdom and advice.

Tanner N.

I've been really happy with my current weight for the past 1.5 years. I've kept it consistent for a while. I am still using the advice from Stacie, .  .  . she has  been a part of my journey since, and I thank her


Dr. Stacie Ellis was phenomenal. I felt heard and not judged on my bodily concerns no matter how small or large she presented clear solutions!

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