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Speaking Engagements


Are you interested in a a nutrition professional to speak to your group? Stacie Ellis is passionate about speaking and educating individuals on health and nutrition.  With extensive experience in numerous speaking engagements and class series for a number of audiences, Stacie can tailor her expertise to various needs.  Whether it is imparting basic nutritional skills to young children, providing  sports nutritional insights to your sports team,  or conducting Lunch and Learns to your company,  Stacie can customize her speaking engagements to suit your clientele.  Please book at least 1week in advance.  


If interested, please email Stacie at with the following information:

    -Topic of interest

    -Amount of time allotted for the presentation/class

    -Approximate number of participants

    -Demographic information (age of audience, background     

    info, e.g. is it a sports team or a church group, etc.)

    -What will Stacie have to work with? (e.g. computer,

    projector, blackboard,  tables, chairs, kitchen set up, etc.)      

Do you need ideas for topics?   Here is a list of some topics Stacie did in the past:

    -Emotional and Stress Eating

    -The Great Carbohydrate Debate

    -The Infamous Binge

    -Prioritizing your Health

     -Eating Out- How bad is it?

    -Dance Nutrition- Eating for performance, maintaining a healthy weight, and prevent deficiencies.

    - Sports Nutrition- What to eat during season, during off season, and during 2 a days.  How to eat before, during and

after workouts.

    - Food Trends-  What foods are in style now.

    - Pediatric nutrition-  Eating for every stage of life

    - Food and the effects on Behaviors

    -Mindful Eating

    - Gut Brain Connection

    - Weight management tips

    - How to Avoid the Freshman 15

For more idea click here to see a full list of previous talks Stacie did in the past.

Nutrition Lectures/classes
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